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Changing the world one technological solution at a time, Evith is a big player in the AI machine learning research field. Whether you're looking for innovative system changes or wish to incorporate exciting new technology into your business, we've got you covered.

Our personable yet professional team is always on hand to give you expert advice and guide your company in the right direction. With us, custom-made solutions are only a consultation away. Why waste time with bog-standard integrations when your business could be sporting a form-fitting suite?

Artificial Intelligence


Computers can see. Computers can hear. Computers can process human language.
Just not in the way you expect them to. Instead of neurons, we're talking algorithms.

There is a whole world of artificial intelligence you and your business are yet to meet.

Computer Vision
Speech Recognition
Natural Language Processing

Image Recognition

Our custom solutions can help you improve threat detection, automate visual workflows and quickly spot sensitive imagery to ensure complete code of conduct compliance. We are specialized in object detection and image classification algorithms using frameworks such as Tensorflow, pyTorch and Yolo.

With constant research, you can be sure that your image recognition system is the best of the best. We use top-of-the-range tools and approaches such as deep belief learning, graph convolutional networks and so much more.

AI Assistants

Initially, AI assistants were basic and only reacted to standard commands. These days, they are becoming increasingly intelligent thanks to the research provided by us at Evith.

This technology uses speech recognition to compute your words and act based on their understanding. Alexa, for example, has over 30,000 skills and commands that it reacts to. And this is only growing.

Through constant field data analysis of dialects and phrases, we are paving the way for computerized assistance to become an increasingly important part of our daily lives.

Fake News Identification

The rise of fake news calls for experienced software. Luckily, that's exactly what we provide.

Our innovative machine learning research has led us to a whole new world of eradicated fake news. Whether it's a news article or sound bite, natural language processing helps to determine whether it's politically biased or accurate.

Trust is hard in this day and age. Let us change that.

Face Recognition

Our non-intrusive, yet oh-so-accurate biometric facial recognition technology can dramatically enhance your company's security system — even in poorly lit environments.

We are known for the speed and accuracy which our face recognition software runs. By combining the main feature points like the eyes, nose, and mouth, our systems have an unbelievably high success rate.

Whether you're looking for spoof detection, simple security improvements, or ICAO applications, Evith can get you there.


Speech-to-text software allows you to turn your speech into digitized text automatically. Over the years, this technology has advanced and now sports a wonderfully high accuracy rate — and everyone here at Evith is working to make it even better.

Whether you are looking for phone call or video transcription, our speech-to-text systems will give you the best possible outcome. We tailor your system to your domain so it will easily recognize industry terms and digitize them clearly.

Talent Recruitment

We're sure your enterprise already has effective talent recruitment systems in place. Well, we raise you an NLP-based system.

With technologically advanced natural language processing software, we can create a search and selection algorithm that focuses on identifying the skills of applicants and of those who are yet to be active jobseekers.

You'll be able to implement hyper-personalized outreach programs thanks to this analysis and intelligent targeting. Plus, you can integrate chatbots that help you through the application process to offer instant communication with potential hires. The benefits to your business just go on and on.

Optical Character Recognition

Without top-notch algorithms, optical character recognition is laborious. Mistakes are made and it would have been easier to digitize the information yourself.

But all that has changed with Evith.

While OCR is still a challenging task, we have implemented efficient and excellently scalable architecture to ensure images containing tabular data are digitized with ease. The technology behind our system is highly researched to bring you nothing but the best experience.

Sound-Based Diagnosis

Speech analysis and recognition are being developed to diagnose suicide risks, colds, and even Alzheimers.

Even though it's not something your GP may employ, it's staggering how much technological research and systems have shifted to incorporate various biomarkers to identify certain conditions. We are proud to be a part of this development.

By implementing human sub-language biomarkers, systems can analyze the sound and use the built-in algorithm to detect potential diseases or illnesses. For example, the algorithm may be based on a median frequency threshold to form 24 hours of cough sounds into an average 90-minute timeframe.

Whatever your sound-based diagnosis desires, we can help you get there.

Sentiment Analysis

Interested in learning what your customers really think of your products? Are you trying to figuring out their spending habits? How about determining what drives their purchase decisions?

You will receive all of your answers and more with us at Evith thanks to our ongoing sentiment analysis research.

By consistently mining text, our software analyzes the meaning and allows you to view the subjective information. Not only will this help with product creations, but it will also allow you to dig deeper into the social sentiment of your company.

But that's not all. We use Contextual Semantic Search (CSS) to provide you with actionable insights to make impactful business changes.

Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint recognition software is used for a wide range of biometric identification purposes. From phone passwords to forensic applications, this system is key for providing identity verification and access rights.

At its core, pixel-by-pixel comparison is used to match fingerprints. But we take it a step (or five) further. By use scale-invariant features, our algorithm can provide accurate matches even when the image isn't aligned or perfectly formed.

We tailor our fingerprint recognition algorithm to your enterprise. You'll never have to worry about inaccuracy again.

Voice Control

Voice control capabilities are always evolving so you need a company that can keep up with the seemingly constant improvements. Luckily, you've found us.

We specialize in implementing voice control into major — and not-so-major — systems to enhance your business practices and products.

Depending on your company's goal we will use dynamic time warping (DTW), artificial neural network (ANN), and linear prediction cepstral coefficients (LPCC) to provide accurate command responses. Today is a great day for improving workflow efficacy and efficiency.

Visual Search

Everyone is tired of painstakingly typing in words to perform an accurate Google search. Trust us, we get it. That's why we've poured bucketloads of research into visual search.

What's visual search? The ability of computers to scan an image and determine the target while filtering out the background and unnecessary segments. Combined with our face recognition software, visual search can do a lot for your business.

The technological world has moved beyond image matrices and is now focusing on the implementation of complex architectures such as artificial neural networks working on deep learning principles. We make great use of loss functions like triplet loss, contrastive loss, CoCo loss, and vMF loss to significantly improve the accuracy of such systems.


We combine all our specialisms into one when providing our services to you. Your business should have the best of both worlds.

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Enterprise Software Development

Everyone is tired of painstakingly typing in words to perform an accurate Google search. Trust us, we get it. That's why we've poured bucketloads of research into visual search.

Our specialists are happy to assist you in making your enterprise dreams come true. We work with you, your brief, and your budget to come up with innovative solutions so you can focus your attention on your customers, not the back end.

Latest News

SaaS Development

Have you ever wanted someone to take an idea from concept to realization? Now's your chance to get exactly that.

Our team here at Evith will reform your digital work by designing, developing, testing, debugging, and integrating your custom-made software. Highly customized systems require grueling testing processes that only the best of the best should be trusted with.

We can transform your business's digital world with our tailored SaaS development processes.

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A.I. Model & Algorithm Design

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to algorithm design and machine learning models. After all, you shouldn't be training an employee in the basics of cookery if you really need them to know about combustion engines.

The same concept can be applied to our machine learning models. You won't be given a standard product. Everything is adapted to fit your company's needs, whatever they may be.

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Technology Consultation

Our specialist IT consultants will work with you to come up with effective technological solutions that will help you meet your business goals and objectives.

Moreover, our team at Evith will inspire you to work on overcoming problems and improve the structure of your IT systems. The result? A high-quality, wildly efficient digital infrastructure that will raise your business to dizzying heights of success.

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IoT & Embedded Systems

Embedded systems are a large part of what we do and can help your enterprise thrive whatever the weather. We help you and your business to implement IoT (the Internet of Things) into your security systems, products, and office.

We work tirelessly to offer the best IoT and embedded systems to our clients. After all, we're not happy if you're not happy.

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Big Data

With us here at Evith, the elusive "big data" doesn't seem such a scary phenomenon. Instead of investing thousands upon thousands of dollars into a team of dedicated data scientists for your business, you can work with us and our big data elites.

We implement big data strategies and machine learning to create enterprise software that can turn your company into a truly data-driven business. We can help bring your attention to the analytical solutions that you can use to take your business from zero to hero.

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We can't wait to help you take your business up a notch — or ten!

Whatever your technological problem, we've undoubtedly got the AI machine learning experience under our belts to help you conquer the digital landscape. Improving your company's technical environment and efficacy is easy with the right partner.

Why not let Evith be your one true technological love?

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